Your Journey To Relaxation & Wellbeing

Massages are one of the oldest healing practices in human history with first records dating back thousands of years to ancient cultures that believed in their medical benefits

Relaxing and Balancing

This bio-energetic and soothing massage is aimed at holistic relaxation and balance between body, spirit and soul.
60 min

Hot Stone Massage

Release your inner smile, fill your body with joy and let your soul restore its balance. A sensual experience with nourishing oils and the vitalizing energy of the stones – culminating wellness point of this relaxing massage.

70 min

Healing with Aloe Vera

A gentle, soothing and relaxing massage especially recommended for sun-damaged skin. The healing effect of the Aloe Vera plant acts to replenish moisture loss and stimulate cell renovation.
50 min

Lymphatic Massage

This massage helps to release toxins by applying light pressure with soft pumping movements in the direction of lymph nodes. The treatment stimulates the body’s lymphatic system helping to eliminate waste and retention of water.
60 min

Nordic Light

This classic intensive massage relaxes and alleviates light muscular contractions. The maximum relaxation possible is sought by intensive and sedative massage maneuvers. Stimulating your circulation and liberating you from unpleasant muscular pain.
40 min

Synchronized Four Hand Massage

Two expert therapists fuse their energies to transport you to an unforgettable relax experience. We take care of you with natural oils. This relaxing, soothing and physically repairing experience will provide you with a strong sense of inner balance.
70 min

Vital Trigger Point Massage

Here you will get a unique treatment that will improve your physical condition completely. Stress, lack of exercise, blocks and retentions trigger painful muscular contractions. These muscle fiber inflammations, appearing to the touch as knots or hard fibers, are called trigger points. Focusing pressure on these specific points dissolves the knots. Symptoms are not attacked, but the original cause is treated. It is a vitalizing and alleviating in-depth massage.
40 min

Sport Massage

A conjunctive tissue massage especially focused on muscles used in sport activities. This is an in-depth muscular massage that is frequently applied around the joints. It combines the classic Swedish massage with general tension and pressure points. Used to improve circulation, alleviate muscular pain and tension, increase flexibility and produce relaxation. This massage has excellent results if you want to prepare your muscles for physical activity or after an exhausting workout.
70 min

Asian Touch

Asian Blend

A deep Asian massage, unique, enriched and finished with warm essential and high-quality oils. Body contractions will loosen up thanks to the healing, embellishing and soothing properties of this therapy. This will be an extraordinary experience.

50 min
90 min

Shiatsu – The Energy Resource

Shiatsu is a traditional treatment originating in Japan that does not use massage oils. Shiatsu theory results in enhancing and balancing the energy flow by static and controlled pressure to the meridians. Body, spirit and mind reunite in delectable dynamics.
70 min

Ayurveda Medicine

Ayurveda is a system of traditional medicine native to India, which uses a range of treatments to encourage health and wellbeing


Enjoy the experience of a full body massage performed by Ayurveda therapists and with selected Veda oils. To achieve maximum relaxation, this massage activates specific Marma energy points. It will be reflected positively on your health and wellbeing.
90 min

Indian Head, Back and Shoulder Massage

A spirit of vital energy points. This intense, deep back massage, combined with essential oils from India, activates your metabolism, stimulates circulation, giving you a strong and relaxed feeling of wellbeing.
40 min

Marma Massage

This massage, with selected oils, strictly follows the Ayurveda health philosophy path in the Marma energy sense. It is based on a delicate selection of peelings and oils. According to the most ancient Indian philosophy of life, this massage helps in cases of sadness as well as love sickness.
90 min

Holistic Indian Foot Massage

This treatment of the reflexology skin areas strictly follows Marma energy points of traditional therapy. Vital points activate sections of the organs’ inner functions. The result is a strong experience of harmonious wellbeing.
35 min

Uniquely Thai

Thai Traditional Massage

The classic Thai massage is performed without oils. It’s a unique and ancient formula from the body movement therapy. Combined with rhythmical traction and stretching strokes, traditional Thai massage loosens deeply contracted muscles. A massage experience out of the ordinary.
90 min

Thai Full Body Oil Massage

This is a special form of body therapy focused on pressure points of balance and vital energy. An intense relaxation and activation of the meridians will be reached. Eases tensions, dissolves nervous tissue and vitalizes tired musculature.
50 min
70 min

Thai Back Massage

The classic Thai massage is developed by long stretching strokes and intense pressing at the root of contracted muscles. This stimulating back massage strengthens the circulation and is an ideal compensation for strong back pain, cervical area hardening and muscular cramps. It produces deep relaxation, this way increasing the mobility of the back musculature.
30 min
50 min

Thai Foot Massage

This is a massage that focuses on acupuncture pressure points in feet and lower part of the legs. Thumbs and fingers stimulate different points that have a special relation to organs and the nervous system. Reflexology stimulates circulation, affected organ functions and the nervous system.
50 min

Couples Magic

Pearl Harmony

This luxurious treatment includes a relaxing full body massage. Afterwards relax with an aromatic bath and let the treatment end with a bottle of Prosecco and/or Cava and a plate of fresh fruits.
120 min total
(60 min full body massage)

Feelings and Fulfillment

Release your inner smile, fill your body with joy and let your soul restore its balance. A sensual experience with nourishing oils and the vitalizing energy of stones – culminating wellness point of the massage. An aromatic petal bath and a bottle of Prosecco and/or Cava plus a fresh fruit plate are included.

120 min total
(70 min full body massage)

“Ribbon of Love”
Veda Dreams for Two

Let your souls surrender to romantic luxury, while your bodies enjoy a gentle Ayurveda massage. Fluent and extensive strokes nurture your skin with specially enriched warm oils, which will trigger wellness and relaxation in your bodies. The Henna tattoos offer an Indian touch. This treatment includes Ayurveda Tea and a fresh fruit plate while you are enjoying your aromatic petal bath.
120 min total
(60 min full body massage)

Dream for Two

This agreeable treatment for two includes a sensual massage with essential oils that will transport you to a romantic ambiance. A luxurious experience for two that will increase and intensify your skin’s sensuality, as two therapists will work harmoniously side-by-side.
60 min

Special Massages

Prenatal Massage

This particular treatment focuses on the special needs that arise during pregnancy, reducing discomforts and concerns such as backache, swelling and leg cramps. Prenatal massage enhances the physiologic and emotional wellbeing. Extra care and attention are given to the mother’s comfort and stage of pregnancy.
50 min

Little Angels Massage for Children

In a dreamlike, magical and charming world, you will reunite with your cherished one in a novel and special manner. The massage for babies or children is an excellent way of getting closer to and to consent your little angels. A delicate contact pampers your child increasing his true feeling of bliss. As parents you are invited to share this moment of soft therapeutic massage with your loved one. We work with selected extracts suitable for children, which will stimulate physical contact, physiological growth and emotional touch. The special massage techniques for your child’s soft velvety skin will be communicated so you can continue to use them at home.
Suitable for kids up to 12 years old.
15-20 min

Body Toning

Perfect Body Styling Deluxe

Seven to ten treatment sessions of intense massage for cellulite combined with healing plants and seaweed. An ideal solution for treating problem areas, fluid retention and poor circulation. This treatment package reduces fat accumulation and activates its own metabolism. The result: a slimmer shape and extreme wellbeing.

To enhance the effect, ask for our intensive “deluxe” product line.

7-10 sessions of 60 min

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